Logos gone terribly wrong!!

Logos went terribly wrong!!

Want to establish a company? Be careful how you design your Company Logo....

Logos that had gone terribly wrong.....

Kudawara - What kind of pharmacy is this? Meant to be "K"

Arlington Pediatric Center - Loving the kids a little too much!


Doughboys - pizza - salad - panini... And something extra?

Atherton Car Centre


Dental clinic

Another dental clinic - This seems to be popular!

Any idea what this is supposed to be? Can't figure out? Child care centre or what?? But looks otherwise!!

Instituto de Estudos Orientais


Megaflicks - Not the best font for this word - lettering too close! But helps with sales!!!

Kids Exchange - As this name didn't sound weird enough, they decided to write it together!
A-Style - Really classy

Computer Doctors

Junior Jazz Dance Classes

(Close one eye and you'll see!)

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