3rd std. genius!

A teacher in a mathematics lecture asks a 3rd std Class,genius
" If there are 3 birds on a tree and you shoot one of them, how many birds would remain?? ".

Johnny, the naughtiest of the lot, shoots up his hand.
Teacher: "Ok Johnny, what’s the answer?”

Johnny: "None, Ma'am.”

Teacher: "How?"
Johnny: “After hearing the shot, all the other birds will also fly away."

Teacher: “No Johnny, the answer here is 2, but I like the way you are thinking.”

Now Johnny has a doubt.
Johnny: "Teacher can I ask you a question?
Teacher: "Sure"

Johnny: “There are three ladies having ice cream at the parlour. The first one is eating it; the second is licking it while the third one is sucking on it. Can you tell which one of the ladies is married??"

Teacher is terribly embarrassed, but she puts on a brave face and answers.
Teacher: "I....I......I guess the one which is sucking on the ice cream is married."

Johnny: "No ma'am, the one who has the wedding ring on her finger is married, BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOU ARE THINKING!!!!!”

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