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Family Problem!!!!

Two men, one American and an Indian were sitting in a bar drinking
shot after shot. The Indian man said to the American, 'You know my
parents are forcing me to get married to this so called homely girl
from a village whom I haven't even met once.' We call this arranged
marriage. I don't want to marry a woman whom I don't love... I told
them that openly and now have a hell lot of family problems.'

The American said, talking about love marriages... I'll tell you my
story.  'I married a widow whom I deeply loved and dated for 3 years. 
After a couple of years, my father fell in love with my step-daughter
and married her, so my father became my son-in-law and I became
my father's father-in-law.

Legally now my daughter is my mother and my wife my grandmother. 
More problems occurred when I had a son.  My son is my father's
brother and so he is my uncle.

Situations turned worse when my father had a son. Now my father's son,
my brother is my grandson. Ultimately, I have become my own grand father
and Iam my own grandson.  And you say you have family problems.'
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