German court rejects Samsung's second 3G patent complaint against Apple

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It seems patent wars never end. here is the latest from Germany. The Mannheim Regional Court rejected the second of Samsung’s patent infringement claims against Apple. The decision addresses one of Samsung's arguments that Apple's 3G / UMTS technology infringes upon its patents. Judge Andreas Voss officially shot down these claims early this morning, though he didn't offer an immediate reason for his ruling.

As FOSS Patentspoints out, however, these initial decisions against Samsung may be based on the validity of the specific patents themselves, and would therefore have no bearing upon the outcome of the Korean manufacturer's three other claims -- all of which are based upon different 3G / UMTS patents.
In addition, the company is pursuing two lawsuits based on patents not related to 3G standards, including one, apparently, that details a way to type smiley emoticons on a mobile handset..
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