How to make an Invisible Folder


Ever wondered how to create a folder totally invisible (not a normal hidden file)? Well, here is the trick. This folder will be invisible and will not be visible even if your show hidden files option is checked.


  • Make a new Folderinvisible folder
  • Turn your Num Lock On and 'hold' ALT key and type 255 from NUMPAD [right end of keyboard]
  • Press Enter to Save the name of folder
  • Right Click the folder -> click Properties
  • Go to Customize Tab -> Click Change Icon
  • Scroll Left and choose the blank icon (see pic)
  • Press OK. You are done!


Did you try it?


Now comes the complication. Try to rename or delete the folder.

It didn’t work rite. Wait man don’t jump on me :-) !

Let me explain. you have actually created a folder with invisble ASCII code file name. so to delete this you need to do some tricks and fool windows.




Option 1. (works on all pc)


  • open the location where you created the invisible folder. (or you can use cd command to locate the file in command window)
  • Hold down SHIFT key and Right click.
  • Click “open command window here”
  • Type the command -> rename “ALT255” del 
  • Your command will look like this “C:\user\username\location folder> rename “ “ del “, Then click enter
  • Now your folder is visible now as “del” folder. Delete or rename as you like.

Option 2. (works on pc with win rar installed)


  • Right click the invisible folder
  • Select-> add to archive..
  • on the opened window under “archiving options tab, check “delete file after archiving” option.
  • click ok.
  • The invisible file is deleted and you have a new compressed file. Delete this also if you require.



Option 3. (needs to install software)


  • Install a file shredding software like DelinvFile or Your uninstaller 2010.
  • Delete the invisible file using the software. (steps vary according to software)

Option 4. (you will never reach this option)


Contact me through comments below the post. I am there to help you out.

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